The following checklists include QM’s Specific Review Standards and practical suggestions for meeting those standards.

Standard 1 – Course Overview and Introduction

The course overview and introduction are your opportunity to set the tone for your course and provide guidance to get your students off to a good start. Take a look at this checklist for some course overview tips.

Standard 2 – Learning Objectives (Competencies)

Learning objectives are the foundation upon which your entire course is based and describe what you expect your students to be able to do by the end of the course. Use the toolkit in this checklist  to get started with building learning objectives and aligning the materials in your course.

Standard 3 – Assessment and Measurement

Assessments must be aligned with the course objectives and will provide information about students’ mastery of course content. Students should also be able to track their progress throughout the course. View this checklist for some help with General Standard 3.

Standard 4 – Instructional Materials

Your instructional materials will need to be aligned with the learning objectives and should be varied and current. See this checklist for tips on how to select instructional materials.

Standard 5 – Learning Activities and Learner Interaction

The learning activities must also align with the learning objectives, should support active learning with opportunities for interaction. Expectations for interaction must also be clearly stated. This toolkit provides recommendations for General Review Standard 5.

Standard 6 – Course Technology

The course technologies you use should facilitate the learning process. See this checklist to learn more about how you can make this happen.

Standard 7 – Learner Support

Institutional support services are critical to learner success. Your course will need to facilitate access to these resources. Check the toolkit for General Standard 7 for some links you can provide in your course.

Standard 8 – Accessibility and Usability

It is essential for your course design to be accessible and usable for all learners. See the checklist for this standard to see what this includes.


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