Quality Matters logoQuality Matters™ is a faculty-centered, peer-reviewed process that is grounded in research and designed to ensure the quality of online courses. The components of Quality Matters™ include a set of standards for online course design, a peer-review process for application of those standards, and continuous improvement of your online course.

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Getting Started – QM Professional Development

QM Professional Development

Find a QM workshop that meets your online teaching or course development needs.

QM Teaching Online Certificate

Learn more about the Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate.

Other Workshop Opportunities

Additional training support for your course quality and online teaching efforts.

Next Steps – Course and Program Reviews

Preparing for a Course Review

See how you can begin preparing for an Official Course Review.

Official Course Reviews

Here’s what you need to know to initiate the Course Review Process.

Program Certifications

Visit the QM website for more information about Program Certification.

More Information

QM Certified Faculty and Staff

View a complete list of QM Certified faculty and staff.


Get answers to your questions about Quality Matters course reviews and training.

QM Coordinators

For more information, contact one of your QM Coordinators.

QM Certified Courses

View a list of QM Certified courses.