Q: To which course formats can QM Rubrics by applied?

Course Reviews

Q: What is the Course Review Timeline?

Review Submission –  1-4 weeks
Pre-Review –  1 week
Active Review –  3-4 weeks
Post-Review –  Meets: 1 week, Not Met: up to 14 weeks

Q: How does the review process for course design work?

Q: What steps do faculty course representatives need to take before an Official Course Review?

  1. Complete the APPQMR Workshop.
  2. After completing the APPQMR workshop, use QM’s Self-Review tool to examine the course.
  3. After the Self-Review, complete the CCS Course Review Application.
  4. Finally, the course should be ready for the Official Course Review Process through a QM-Managed Review.

QM Certified Courses

Q: Where can I find a list of UA courses that are QM Certified?