The Course Review Process

A QM-Managed Official Course Review includes the following steps:

  1. Course Review Application
    • Includes identification of the organization’s contact person (QMC), course contact (Course Representative), type of review, and basic course information.
    • QM staff identifies possible review team members.

*Course Representative is notified via email when application is approved and Course Worksheet is available in the system for completion.

  1. After QM staff adds the review team, each member has access to the course worksheet and their individual reviewer worksheets.
  2. Once review is opened, the Team Chair sends an introduction email, which also requests course access and scheduling of the Pre-Review call.
    • Pre-Review call allows the instructor to “meet” the Course Review Team and answer any questions before they start their review.
    • Review team reviews Course Worksheet and log in to the course to see if they have any questions prior to phone call.
  3. Following the Pre-Review call, the Review Team uses the Course Review Management System to complete their independent reviews.
  4. At the conclusion of the independent review, the Review Team conducts a Post-Review call to discuss the review and any standards that are not met. (Course Representative is not included in this call.)
  5. Each reviewer submits their Reviewer Worksheet.
  6. Chair submits the Final Report with aggregate findings.
  7. If course does not meet QM Standards, you can submit an amended course within 14 weeks of the date the Final Report was submitted.
  8. The Chair will review the amendments and confirm if the course meets QM Review Standards.

*Note: A single person can play multiple roles, e.g. both Subject Matter Expert and Master Reviewer. The Review Team must have specified number of members based on review type.

Official OTIDE QM Course Review Process – What is My Role?

Before the Review

     Course Representative

  • Review course based on QM checklist 
  • Check email for Course Worksheet 
  • Submit Course Worksheet to QM – confirm accuracy of all responses before submitting in CRMS (Course Review Management System) 
  • Check for email from review chair scheduling pre-review call (attendance mandatory) 

     QM Coordinator

  • Complete QM Course Review Application in CRMS 
  • Set up Blackboard access for course review and share with review team 
  • Officially communicate beginning of course review with ID and Assistant Director of ITAS (Instructional Technology and Academic Services) 
  • Check for email from review chair scheduling pre-review call 

     Instructional Design Team

  • Review course based on essential specific review standards 
  • Notify QM Coordinator once course pre-check has been completed and course is ready for review 
  • Send CR course worksheet responses 

During the Review

     Course Representative

  • Be available for questions from review team 
  • Check for completed course review notification 

     QM Coordinator

  • Help answer questions from review team if possible 

      Instructional Design Team

  • Be available to answer questions from QM Coordinator or CR  
  • Wait for notification of completed review 

After the Review

      Course Representative

  • Review QM final report and meet with ID team to debrief results 
  • Return completed Review Outcome Response Form after receipt of the Final Report 
  • Incorporate reviewer feedback 
  • Submit Amendment form to report incorporated course updates (if changes are required by QM) 

     QM Coordinator

  • Download and send final report to ID Team 
  • Officially communicate the completion of the review to CR and ID Team 
  • Document completed course review materials 

      Instructional Design Team

  • Meet with Course Representative to debrief results 
  • Assist Course Representative with incorporating QM review feedback 
  • Send CR responses to submit for amendment form 

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