Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate (TOC)

Applications are currently being accepting for Spring 2023 funding. For funding consideration for the QM Teaching Online Certificate, please email Cheryl Bosarge or Amanda McDonald.  A limited number of seats will be available Spring 2023.

The Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate prepares instructors to demonstrate knowledge mastery of online teaching. The rigorous seven-workshop series provides current and potential online instructors with an in-depth student experience as they learn the background knowledge to successfully teach online.

Required workshops include:

  • Gauging Your Technology Skills
  • Evaluating Your Course Design
  • Exploring Your Institution’s Policies
  • Orienting Your Online Learners
  • Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies
  • Creating Presence in Your Online Course
  • Assessing Your Learners

This seven-workshop series requires a total time commitment of 11 weeks and approximately 80-90 hours. Workshops do not have to be scheduled consecutively or taken in a specific order, although QM recommends taking them in the order listed above. The Teaching Online Certificate is awarded by QM upon successful completion of all seven workshops.

UA Online content experts must complete all 7 workshops prior to the start of course development to be eligible for additional compensation.


Can’t make it to a scheduled live virtual session? Some of our live virtual events are recorded. Check our On-Demand Resources page for a current listing of recordings. Quality Matters workshops are not recorded.

For Faculty Development and Training Contact:

 Email Cheryl Bosarge

Phone:  (205) 348-4860