The course development/revision process is designed to be a collaborative experience between a faculty member and the ITAS team. Through this collaborative experience, courses are designed with the goal of giving all students a meaningful learning experience, whereby students are engaged with the instructional content, and provided opportunities for interaction that support active learning while ensuring that course objectives are measurable, assessed, and aligned with course activities.

Members of the ITAS instructional design team are equipped with knowledge and expertise in course design, pedagogy, and best practices in online education. In addition, they keep abreast of developing trends and technology in online education to best design learning experiences that meet course objectives, and the faculty’s goals for the course.

Faculty working with the ITAS instructional design team are provided with a variety of technology tools used to enhance online and blended courses. Some of the tools available include a studio with teleprompter and professional media capabilities, screen capture software, learning object creation, formatting of course content, Web 2.0 tools, and a variety of other services.

At the end of the process, courses undergo a review process whereby it is reviewed by a professional editor, a representative from the technical support team, and a senior member of the instructional design team to help ensure that all parts of the course are clearly presented, editorially correct, and functionally sound.