The Program Development and the Instructional Technology and Academic Services team of professionals provides instructional design, media production, training and technical support for faculty, staff and students involved in UA Online degree programs. We value our relationships with faculty members to deliver the best distance learning experience for every student. Faculty and student success is our desire and goal. Please contact us with your needs and suggestions.

Program Development

Picture of Megan Welborn, EdD

Megan Welborn, EdD

Director, Program Development

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Picture of Chelsea Fancher

Chelsea Fancher

UA Online Program Manager

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Chelsea Fancher manages UA Online programs offered by the College of Education.
Picture of Tiffany Goodin

Tiffany Goodin

UA Online Program Manager

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Tiffany Goodin manages UA Online programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Culverhouse College of Business and the Capstone College of Nursing.
Picture of Mary Kathryn Poe

Mary Kathryn Poe

UA Online Program Manager

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Mary Kathryn Poe manages UA Online programs offered by the College of Human Environmental Sciences.
Picture of Jessie Richardson

Jessie Richardson

UA Online Program Manager

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Jessie Richardson manages UA Online programs offered by the College of Engineering, the School of Social Work and College of Community Health Sciences.
Picture of Shanikia Young, PhD

Shanikia Young, PhD

UA Online Program Manager

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Dr. Shanikia Young manages UA Online programs offered by the College of Communication and Information Sciences and the Graduate School.
Picture of Justin Payne

Justin Payne

QM Coordinator

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Picture of Patti Meggs

Patti Meggs

Administrative Specialist

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Patti Meggs is a native of Pinson, Alabama and has been part of the OTIDE team since 2014. Her responsibilities in Program Development are integral to keeping the department's operations running smoothly! Fun fact: Not only is she an OTIDE employee, Patti is also an OTIDE (Early College) parent.

Instructional Technology And Academic Services

Charlotte Adcox

Program Assistant

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Picture of Bobbie Fike

Bobbie Fike

Program Assistant

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Picture of Beth Lindly

Beth Lindly

Content Editor

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Picture of Brian Seidman

Brian Seidman

Content Editor

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Instructional Design

Picture of Allison Bearer

Allison Bearer

Instructional Designer III

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Picture of Crystal Butler

Crystal Butler

Instructional Designer IV

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Picture of Emily Covington

Emily Covington

Instructional Designer I

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Picture of Kelsey Creel

Kelsey Creel

Instructional Designer IV

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Picture of Lisa Doughty

Lisa Doughty

Instructional Designer I

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Picture of Kristin Kaylor

Kristin Kaylor

Instructional Designer IV, Accessibility

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Picture of Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis

Instructional Designer IV

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Picture of Elizabeth McDonald, PhD

Elizabeth McDonald, PhD

Assistant Director, Instructional Design

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Picture of Preston Ruddell

Preston Ruddell

Instructional Designer IV

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Picture of Latoya Sewell

Latoya Sewell

Instructional Designer I

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Picture of Shinora Walker

Shinora Walker

Instructional Designer IV

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Picture of Miranda Webster

Miranda Webster

Instructional Designer IV, Rights and Resources

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Picture of Michele White

Michele White

Instructional Designer IV

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Roger Woodard

Instructional Designer IV

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Creative Academic Media Services (CAMS)

Picture of Lee Laska

Lee Laska

Assistant Director, Instructional Media

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Picture of Katy Allen

Katy Allen

Media Services Supervisor

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Dylan Baxter

Broadcast Engineering Technician

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Jae Bryant

Media Services Supervisor

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Ethan Crowe

Media Production Specialist

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Doug Dillingham

Media Services Supervisor

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Dan Gregory

Media Production Specialist

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Mayy Harriell

Media Production Specialist

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Picture of John Kliner

John Kliner

Media Production Specialist

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Clifton Lewis

Media Services Supervisor

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Abiba Princewill

Broadcast Engineering Technician

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Picture of Anthony Reed

Anthony Reed

Media Production Specialist

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Technical Support

Picture of Olivia Burley

Olivia Burley

Assistant Director, Technical Support

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Picture of Mary Brunette

Mary Brunette

Instructional Technologist II

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Picture of Cassondra Pitts

Cassondra Pitts

Instructional Technologist II

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Picture of Chynna Peoples

Chynna Peoples

Instructional Technologist II

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Picture of Josh Sullivan

Josh Sullivan

Instructional Technologist II

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